Green Vest and a rant!

I love this vest!! The shade of green is stunning! I love olive but I never wanted a olive utility vest but when I saw this color green I knew I needed it.

This outfit practically screams I’m ready for Fall!!!!

The best boyfriend jeans from Old Navy.

I got this black tote last year from Nordstrom on super clearance and it’s great for lugging all my junk around.

Madewell tee, I need to get them in all the colors because I have 2 and wear them most days. September 22 marks my 17th wedding anniversary!!! I can’t believe it’s been that long!!

I’ve been dealing with some super awesome older lady issues so that’s been fun 🙄 The blog might be sporadic in the next few weeks so bare with me it’s been nuts! Speaking of nuts if I had them I wouldn’t be dealing with this nonsense. I’m going to channel my inner Bethenny RHONY season where she had her lady issues but still looked put together! I’m laying around in old shorts and yoga pants not able to leave my house without fear. Seriously when we are done with our stuff we should have the option to just shut the switch off.  It’s very tmi but I’ve reached my limit because no one who hasn’t dealt with this takes it seriously or understands! I’m sure some of you reading this will be rolling your eyes telling me it can’t be that bad I’m here to tell you it’s worse. It’ll have you snapping at nurses who are young and think you are overreacting and trying not to yell at the pharmacist who can’t get the new prescription for 24 hours.  I do not at all want anyone to feel bad or sorry for me (I hate that) but I know most of my readers are around ‘that age’ as my dr calls it (fun to be a girl) if you are dealing with something similar or have all ready dealt with this let me know!!!! 

Thanks for listening!

Jaymie xo

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  • I feel ya, Jaymie! That time of month for me (right now) currently wipes me out completely. The PMS mimics first trimester pregnancy symptoms to a tee. It is terrible. And I had all sorts of procedures done almost a year ago to make this better. It doesn’t get better. Hang in there, lady, it’s the price we pay for being the fairer, tougher, more fabulous gender!


    • Men could never handle this!! Ha! I’m hoping for early menopause!!

  • I’m sorry, you’re having craziness Jaymie! It’s true we should all be more understanding, because until we walk a mile in someone’s shoes, you just have no idea.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh sweet friend, I am “of that age” and I get it 100%!! Ugh, why must we suffer and deal with this? ON a brighter note, you look adorable, I just got a grey vest like that at target and LOVE it!

    • Thanks Andrea!!!! It does make me feel better talking about it with friends who’ve gone through it. If you haven’t you can’t understand.

  • You look super cute!

    So sorry you’ve been dealing with “older lady issues.” I can relate all too well…

    I hope you’ll have a great weekend!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thanks Andrea!! Just being told women your age is so irritating!

  • I hope you get it sorted Jaymie. Nothing worse than not being listened too. xx

  • Kellyann

    Oh I get it girl,no one understands better than someone “that age” and lucky Bethenny had a team of super heroes putting her together and doing everything for her! I hope you get it all taken care of but do what you need to do in the meantime. And, hey,Happy Anniversary!!!

    • I need her team till October when I get fixed!! Ha! Thank you!!

  • Love the vest and this whole look! Sorry about the woman issues. I think we can all relate.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • ADA

    Girl you are not old. You are girly and stylish. This outfit is great for the start of our warm Fall. Happy first day of Autumn!

  • Laura

    Sorry to hear what you are going through! Love this transitional fall look though!

  • Great fall look! I seriously need to wear my utility vest more this fall. I hope you have some relief soon from your issues.

  • Stacey Keeling

    You look great in this outfit! The color of the vest is perfect with your gorgeous hair.

    Lady issues…yes I’ve dealt with them. They can really be a drag but I’m still glad to be a girl. 🙂