Fun sleeves

Black and White! Yessss! Always a classic winning combo. How adorbs is this necklace??  A gift from a great friend of mine. Yellow is my favorite color unfortunately yellow does not work on me! Ha!

You must know by now the love I have for my velvet pixies! So I ordered them in white. Same size same rise but damn if I couldn’t breath! That’s Old Navy though every item of clothes is always a different size! I layed off the snacking for a couple weeks and increased the sit ups and now I can breath better. Phew! I really need to get back to my warm weather weight asap!

Black and white! Always a winning combo!

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Pearly Faye Bib Necklace • Charming charlie • $20

Lovett Bead Layered Necklace • Charming charlie • $24

Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle Pants for Women • Old Navy • $25–28.99

Women’s Lush Ruffle Sleeve Tee • Lush • $20.98
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